Included services

SSL certificates free Letsencrypt Systems engineer consulting
24x7 advanced sysadmin monitoring On-call Technical stuff alerts 24x7
Dedicated engineer to your project Services checks every 5 minutes (HTTP,IMAP,FTP,...)
Monitoring from 4 different countries (Germany, Holland, USA, Spain) Server updates
SPAM sending detection Server securization
Code injection detection Customized Firewall
Periodic malware and virus scan Online report
IP check in 64 Black lists GIT version control
IP check on Outlook/Hotmail specific tools Daily maintenance

Replications high availability (More info) and Instances Cloud also in:

Replicación GoogleCloud Replicaión AWS

Gama Developer

Cloud SSD for develpment environments test/stage (More info)

4 Gb 2 Cores (2,1Ghz) 100 Gb SSD Desde 89€/mes Contract

Gama Medium

CloudSSD Legacy

1 Gb 1 Cores (2,1Ghz) 25 Gb SSD 79€/mes (No LAMP) Contract
2 Gb 2 Cores (2,1Ghz) 50 Gb SSD 98€/mes (No LAMP) Contract
4 Gb 2 Cores (2,1Ghz) 100 Gb SSD 112€/mes Contract
8 Gb 2 Cores (2,1Ghz) 200 Gb SSD 139€/mes Contract
16 Gb 4 Cores (2,1Ghz) 400 Gb SSD 189€/mes Contract
32 Gb 8 Cores (2,1Ghz) 600 Gb SSD 249€/mes Contract

Going from CloudSSD Legacy (Gama Medium) to CloudSSD+ (Gama High) implies an IP change

CloudSSD+ advantages versus CloudSSD Legacy

Real cloud with guaranteed resources, high availability, possibility of scaling resources up and down, extra SSD disks, load balancing, spanish IP...

Gama High


8 Gb 2 Cores (2,3-3,1Ghz) 50 Gb SSD 139€/mes Contract
16 Gb 4 Cores (2,3-3,1Ghz) 100 Gb SSD 209€/mes Contract
32 Gb 8 Cores (2,3-3,1Ghz) 200 Gb SSD 279€/mes Contract
60 Gb 16 Cores (2,3-3,1Ghz) 400 Gb SSD 360€/mes Contract
120 Gb 32 Cores (2,3-3,1Ghz) 400 Gb SSD 520€/mes Contract

Dedicated Servers

32 Gb 8 Cores (3,4Ghz) 4 Tb SATA (RAID) 239€/mes Contract
32 Gb 8 Cores (3,4Ghz) 500 Gb SSD (RAID) 249€/mes Contract
64 Gb 8 Cores (3,4Ghz) 4 Tb SATA (RAID) 329€/mes Contract
64 Gb 8 Cores (3,4Ghz) 500 Gb SSD (RAID) 389€/mes Contract
128 Gb 12 Cores (3,4Ghz) 2 Tb SATA (RAID) 419€/mes Contract
128 Gb 12 Cores (3,4Ghz) 240 Gb SSD (RAID) 439€/mes Contract
256 Gb 12 Cores (3,4Ghz) 4 Tb SATA (RAID) 489€/mes Contract
256 Gb 12 Cores (3,4Ghz) 480 Gb SSD (RAID) 520€/mes Contract

Other customized server configurations, contact with us.

Gama Premium

Highest Availability and Scalability

Web Clusters (More info)

Cluster Web de alta disponibilidad


Active/passive Servers

Servidores en modo Activo Pasivo


Aditional Services

Service Price €
Let's Encrypt Free SSL Certificates for Cloud or dedicated Servers Included
GIT/SVN Version Control Included
Encrypted backup up to 1 year for 100Gb with 2 datacenter redundancy (+5€ every 100Gb) (Default 300Gb-3months) from 15€/mes
Active/passive mode servers without DNS changes (Failover IP) To consult
Webcache (Varnish), CDN, Automatizing, Scripting... To consult
Monitoring deployment, alerts and sysadmin in external servers (In-House, DigitalOcean, Amazon, ...) To consult
Sysadmin consultant Hourly pricing 75€/hora

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