Replication of your cluster, server or cloud in GoogleCloud or Amazon Web Services

We offer you the opportunity to replicate your okITup ClusterWeb, CloudSSD or physical server services to GoogleCloud or Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

There are two replication modes to enable redundancy to GoogleCloud or AWS and be able to adapt in seconds the necessary resources to cope with high process loads, -Definitive replication- and -Temporary replication-.

In -Definitive replication mode-, customer has a continuous replication of her server or cloud to a GoogleCloud or AWS server. This continuous replication enables high availability, and geographic and provider redundacy of data and services. In case of a serious datacenter or network failure, we are able to route the traffic to GoogleCloud or AWS so the customer services and data are always available. -Definitive replication mode- also includes the -Temporary replication mode- features, and can be used to route your visits to GoogleCloud or AWS also on one-time campaigns such as Blackfridays, Cybermondays, Christmas, ...

-Temporary replication mode- is a one-time replication for a specific day period. In this case the replication is used solely to support temporary loads during events like Blackfridays, CyberMondays, campaigns, Christmas, ... Once the high load needs are over, data and traffic is restored to the original server, so costs are more stable and reduced during the year, and only during those periods the power of GoogleCloud or Amazon is needed.

If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to help you.