Monitoring 24x7, Alerts 24x7 and Systems Support.

We offer a professional monitoring service where we will have graphed data about all active services from your cloud or server.

We will perform daily maintenance routines and generate a monthly report which details the status of your infrastructure pointing out corrective actions, incidents or improvement proposals and observations with detailed graphic information.

The monitored services of your dedicated server will be checked every 5 minutes and in case of not obtaining the expected results our technical staff will receive an automated notification so they will analyze and fix the problem cause. Afterwards preventive and corrective actions will be implemented if necessary to avoid relapses.

We have dedicated servers from many cities and countries (Germany, New York, Holland, Barcelona, ...) to guarantee we obtain a reliable monitoring about connectivity from different locations.

You will be attended directly by systems engineers assigned to your project to avoid long delays of customer service not knowing in detail your project or infrastructure.