High Availability Web Cluster

Configuration and installation of professional infrastructure fully managed high availability and scalable Web Cluster.

A web cluster is a set of servers receiving petitions from balancers acting as a single entity serving web pages.

Combined with webcaches such as Varnish, Redis caches, ... fully adapted to your project's needs, currently the main and best infrastructure available for a web environment.

100% disponibility thanks to a balancing system that send petitions only to active servers. If a server goes down, the reminding servers keep serving.

Your web traffic keeps growing or you are about to launch a TV campaign? No problem, this product's scalability allows us to quickly add new servers to the cluster and start absorving new load.

Your project sustaining thousands of daily visits or millions of monthly visits, with GIT, SFTP, SSH options and active/passive database servers.

Consult us if your cluster has to serve more than one website within the same infrastructure and give the best service to your brand or project.

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Cluster Web example

Cluster Web de alta disponibilidad